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The opening of a new physiotherapy department in our center

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OUR 5th ANNIVERSARY 12-12-2017

Advanced Center for Day Care Surgery is celebrating the 5th Anniversary   Advanced Center for Daycare Surgery is a deeply rooted organization, with elaborately functioning departments and professionally selected individuals, covering all the different aspects of a well defined, streamlined healthcare providing entity. ACDS comprises of a team of approximately 180 personnel as follows: Medical Professionals: The medical team is built out of 26 highly qualified physicians and 6 physiotherapists spanning 20 specialties, in addition to a huge team of 50 nurses and healthcare assistants. Complete administrative work force to run the day to day operations at the center including customer service, IT, accounting, insurance officers and a dedicated quality assurance team for the management of Safety, Infection Control and general internal quality. A marketing team to make sure ACDS gets the maximum recognition in Abu Dhabi and the UAE.


In our continuous efforts to develop and improve our services, ACDS is happy to announce that it will be soon opening the new branch in Abu Dhabi. The new premises will mainly attend to surgical cases, but will also include other medical services. More updates to come.

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