About us

CEO word

It is of great pleasure to welcome you to the Advanced Center for Daycare Surgery, a haven of highly innovative treatments. ACDS has been providing quality healthcare for the public in a diverse array of medical specialties, offering a state-of-the-art setting, physicians and medical team.We will continue to be one of Abu Dhabi’s leading healthcare providers, and assure that your visit to ACDS is pleasant and worthwhile.
Mahmoud Juma
Chief Executive Officer


Our Mission

Building a compelling healthcare reputation that positions the Advanced Centre For Day Care Surgery of professionals at the heart of patient choice. Striving to be sensitive to emerging trends and the changing needs of our patient groups, ensuring that we are patient-centered. Providing a pleasant environment where safe and effective delivery of services takes place. Providing evidence-based clinical practice delivered in a consistent and integrated way. Being the employer of choice for healthcare while ensuring all staff at ACDS are committed to providing services in alignment with our values. Pioneering new standards by continually evaluating the needs of the communities and patients we serve and adding new services and technologies to have the most effective impact on quality of care and outcomes for our patients. Incorporating information technologies and service monitoring that support healthcare decision-making and maximizing quality of patient care.

Our Vision

To provide the highest international standards of patient care with unrelenting attention to medical excellence and patient safety. To offer unparalleled passion and commitment in assuring the best possible health for those we serve.

Our Values

In ACDS, our values statement is embodied in PRIDE:

P – for Professionalism, in how we conduct ourselves and our business

R – for Respect of our patients, families, ourselves and each other

I – for Integrity, always doing the honest and right thing

D – for Diversity, understanding and embracing the diverse beliefs, the needs and expectations of our patients, community and employees

E – for Excellence, it is what we strive for in everything we do

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